Proximity Sensor



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  • A single 1.8V supply voltage
  • 400KHz I2C serial interface
  • Four programmable I2C sub-addresses
  • Up to 8 capacitive sensing inputs
  • Separate configurations per sensing input
  • Multiple sensing thresholds per sensing input
  • Smart on-chip capacitance to voltage converter
  • Capacitance resolution: 3.7aF
  • Capacitance offset compensation: up to 300pF
  • Configurable proximity detection (single/combined)
  • Digital sensor status output
  • Automatic sensor calibration
  • Advanced temperature compensation
  • Wakeup at Power Down
  • Low power consumption for mobile application:
    – Active mode: < 29uA
    – Doze mode: < 7uA
    – Sleep mode: < 1.2uA
  • Open drain NIRQ interrupt pin
  • Two reset sources: POR, Soft Reset

Physical Characteristics


  • Supply voltage: 1.8V
  • Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Available in a compact 1.8mm x 1.9mm 0.55mm pitch QFN-12 package

Block Diagram