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The GW6x10 combines an MCU and analog front end to streamline the detection of particulate matter, like dust, while minimizing component count. The integrated automatic power control block seamlessly handles various external sensing components such as laser diodes and infrared sensors, adding to the device’s versatility.

The integrated analog front-end comprises a Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA), along with two Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs) featuring low pass filters, and a 12-bit ADC. To fully optimize the PGAs, an external high pass filter is necessary. The sensor input undergoes amplification, filtration, and conversion into digital format, preparing it for proprietary digital signal processing algorithms tailored to the intended measurement.

Two embedded Low Dropout Regulators (LDOs) furnish essential voltages to both the analog and digital functional segments. The internal temperature sensor, in conjunction with the ADC, enables the retrieval of operating temperature details.

The system features an 8KB embedded Flash memory and a 1KB SRAM. The Flash memory holds application-specific programs and data, while the SRAM stores essential data for signal processing..

The GW6x10 offers multiple communication interfaces for seamless host connectivity, including UART and SPI/I2C option , making it convenient to connect with a host device.

Typical Applications
  • PM detection
  • Dust sensor
  • HVAC and climate control
Basic Application Diagram