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The GW71x0 is a device that combines an integrated microcontroller and an analog front end to provide ultrasonic range detection using a minimal number of components. Its pulse-width modulation (PWM) output allows for programmable bursts ranging from 30KHz to 80KHz to be sent to a single ultrasonic transducer connected through a center-tapped transformer. With the use of supported transducers, this device enables distance measurement between 30cm and 7m, achieving a resolution of 1mm.

By utilizing internal components such as a programmable gain amplifier (PGA), a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), digital filters, an envelope detector, and a peak detector, the desired measurement range and resolution can be achieved. Additionally, the device includes an internal temperature sensor and ADC for reading operating temperature information.

The device includes a 16KB embedded Flash memory for storing application-specific program and data, while a 2KB SRAM is available for storing data required for signal processing purposes.

The GW71x0 offers various communication interfaces, including LIN, UART, and I2C, making it convenient to connect with a host device.

Typical Applications

  • Ultrasonic Park Assist Systems
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Industrial Distance Measuring
  • Robotics

Basic Application Diagram