About us

Company overview

Gwanak Analog was established in Korea in Nov 2018 by experts with many years of Analog and Digital chip design experience
from all over Korea and the world. Headquaters is located in Seoul, Korea. Gwanak Analog is a leading supplier of Analog-Power SoC and
Sensor Signal Conditioning IC products, focusing on smart analog and power chips, with products covering Industrial, Consumer, and Automotive areas.

The company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by local government and technology agencies.
R&D service centers have been set up in Seoul and more than 250 core IP technologies and related patents have been owned and distributed worldwide.

The company is deeply committed to analog to digital conversion, multi channel power management, microprocessor,
analog-power management SoC, sensor signal conditioning and is committed to providing customers with high-performance, high-quality,
customized industrial and consumer electronic product solutions, to create an efficient, intelligent and energy-saving integrated power management solution from Smart Analog-Power SoC, to provide customers with comprehensive chip customization services and support, and to become an international leading expert in smart analog-power management chips.


Gwanak Analog is a leading global technology manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Smart Power and Analog SoC products.

Gwanak Analog serves the consumer electronics, industrial, and automotive markets. Our products include Smart Analog-Power SoC, Signal Conditioning SoC, High Speed Data Conversion SoC, Power Management IC, general purpose analog, and power products.