About us

Company overview

Gwanak Analog, founded in November 2018, is a prominent company based in Seoul, Korea.
It was established by a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise in Analog and Digital chip design,
hailing from diverse regions within Korea and around the globe. Gwanak Analog has emerged as a leading provider of cutting-edge Analog-Power SoC and Sensor Signal Conditioning IC products. Our specialization lies in the development of intelligent analog and power chips catering to a wide range of applications, including the Industrial, Measurement, and Automotive sectors. With its headquarters situated in Seoul, Gwanak Analog is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions in the field of analog and power chip technologies.

Gwanak Analog has gained recognition as a national high-tech enterprise, acknowledged by local government and technology agencies for its exceptional contributions. To further enhance research and development capabilities, the company has established dedicated service centers in Seoul. With a vast portfolio of over 250 core IP technologies and associated patents, Gwanak Analog has made its mark on the global stage.
The company’s unwavering focus lies in analog to digital conversion, multi-channel power management, microprocessor technologies, analog-power management SoC, and sensor signal conditioning. Committed to delivering outstanding solutions, Gwanak Analog strives to provide customers with customized, high-performance, and top-quality electronic products for both industrial and consumer applications. Their aim is to create efficient, intelligent,
and energy-saving integrated power management solutions through Smart Analog-Power SoCs.

Gwanak Analog goes beyond product offerings by providing comprehensive chip customization services and support,
catering to the unique requirements of their customers. Through these endeavors, the company aspires to establish itself as a leading global expert in the field of smart analog-power management chips.


Gwanak Analog is dedicated to serving the consumer electronics, industrial, and automotive markets.

We specialize in the development and supply of a diverse range of products, including Smart Analog-Power SoCs, Signal Conditioning SoCs, High-Speed Data Conversion SoCs, Power Management ICs, as well as general-purpose analog and power products.